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Paige Champagne

Paige Champagne is a successful leader in network marketing and an advocate for mental wellness and animal welfare from New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from Louisiana State University, Champagne ran two successful family businesses for over twenty years before making a bold move to explore new opportunities in the network marketing industry. Champagne’s dedication to mental wellness advocacy is reflected in her support for various nonprofit organizations and animal welfare-focused charities dedicated to good causes. Outside of her professional endeavors, Champagne enjoys reading, healthy eating, and traveling. Champagne is a driven network marketer with Amare Global, where she has established herself as one of the company’s top earners. Amare Global is a company based in Orange County, California, dedicated to incorporating people, products, and programs into a holistic mental wellness platform that can promote a global mental wellness revolution. Champagne’s enthusiasm and passion for mental wellness advocacy align with the company’s mission.

As a network marketer, Champagne inspires others to believe in themselves and their potential. She continuously supports her team, encouraging individual empowerment, happiness, and self-care. Her dedication, persistence, and passion for mental wellness advocacy have enabled her to build a reputation as an inspiring and successful leader in her field. Champagne has proved to be an accomplished and passionate leader, showing her immense talent in the network marketing industry while remaining true to her values and dedication to mental wellness and animal welfare advocacy. Her contributions have created a positive impact, inspiring others to follow the path she has taken.

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